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Identifying inaccurate data

Vutility was approached by a high-security major telecommunication/tower company that needed to monitor kWh for its tenants for billing purposes.


Vutility deployed HotDrops at the customer site to compare data between our wireless HotDrop meter and the customer’s installed sub-meters. The customer also intended on using the HotDrop to identify granular data, which the installed sub-meters were unable to do.

High Security

Minimal Install Cost

Minimal Maintenance


After comparing the Vutility HotDrop devices to the installed sub-meters, it was discovered that the Vutility HotDrop devices accurately measured amps within ±2% of the revenue-grade sub-meter

Vutility identified that the existing sub-meters, that had been installed nearly 20 years ago, had been installed incorrectly and were not reading correct kWh. This resulted in inaccurate billing to the client (not in their favor) for the last 20 years