Disruptive Data Behind The Meter


For the vast majority of commercial and residential buildings, the only time you see what’s going on through energy consumption is when you receive the bill. Typically, this bill comes once a month, twelve times per year, or maybe weekly depending on utility company and type of data service. Smart energy meters are making their now consistent debut, as more and more are deployed every year in buildings throughout the world. These smart energy meters are rising with popularity because they are a digitized version of the electrical grid that records electricity usage, voltage level, and current; however, access to that data is limited, and it isn’t easy for businesses or homeowners to get access to that data. In the case that companies, who already use these smart energy meters, get their data, the data is shared 24 hours after their initial energy usage, and only shows an hourly basis at the facility level. This limits the insight into data down to the circuit level, whether it’s in a small building or larger facility. 

What facility managers and business owners want is an insight into energy usage and the cost of that energy usage. Usually, these facility managers want that insight down to the circuit level, but there’s a huge struggle to affordably obtaining real-time data throughout their entire facility. The solutions that are available today can provide data close to the circuit level, but these solutions are cumbersome. Not to mention the cost of installation of these alternative solutions is extremely expensive and usually don’t automatically export data to cloud services. As a tenant manager, building facility manager, or business owner you want the best solutions for the most effective cost, so keep reading. 

Vutility is so unique because we’re non-intrusive, easy to install, a fraction of the cost and our API data can be added to the cloud, showing data down to a circuit level. With most energy monitoring solutions, you receive monthly data 12x per year, and cannot see issues of broken or inefficient equipment at the exact moment of a defect. The HotDrop reports more data than most meters to do in a year. The effective solution isn’t 12 or a couple of thousand data points per year, it’s nearly 52.6 million data points per year (assuming one whole facility is sub-metered by just one hundred HotDrops). AMI meters at a facility provides a couple of thousand points a year, but one HotDrop is providing more than half a million per device, and for a large facility that’s tens of millions of data points that predicts inefficiencies and measures all equipment. Vutility’s one-of-a-kind submetering solution can provide data minute-by-minute for singular circuits, and then sends that data to our cloud technologies, making it accessible at any time for the customer. Our solution is not only packed with data and critical monitoring, but is non-intrusive and a fraction of the cost of these other devices. 

To make a difference in your commercial, residential, and facility management, it’s critical to use a solution that can identify energy usage down to any circuit. The solutions provided today are high-cost, are a complicated install, and lack transparency into customer energy data. Rather than gaining insight a dozen times a year, get data sent to your cloud every few seconds. 

“Vutility is the leading provider of real-time, high-resolution, energy data monitoring, that will enable your businesses to optimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies.”