Improving Energy Efficiency Through Submetering


Why submetering?

Energy costs are on the rise, and as companies take a stab at reducing their utility costs and inefficiency, the first look is energy usage and changes to consumption in order to maintain efficiency standards. The cost of utilities at any scale of a building can cost businesses thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars per year. Submetering gives insight into data, down to a circuit level to visualize water, gas, and electric usage. 

What can it do for businesses and buildings?

There are many benefits to submetering and the ability to access real-time data, to better manage energy consumption and cost. The short- and long-term benefits of submetering range from immediately providing visibility and insight into energy consumption throughout commercial and residential buildings. This allows anyone visualizing the data to plan for improving building efficiency goals and standards.  Submetering benefits tenants, buildings owners, developers, etc. by identifying inefficient and broken equipment that’s linked to unnecessary energy usage. Improving energy efficiency in existing buildings, factories, and warehouses is critical to understanding building performance. A critical factor for buildings to reduce over-consumption and inefficiency, is to consistently receive that accurate minute-by-minute data about all machinery and equipment throughout an entire facility. 

The Vutility solution goes hand in hand with providing real-time data for customers actual energy usage, and the ability to monitor that data to improve current processes and standards. Using innovative and cost-effective technology allows companies across a range of businesses and commercial industries to gain relevant and timely insights into their buildings energy usage.