The Bigfoot Problem with Companies and Sustainability

Sustainability has a major bigfoot (print) problem. Many companies around the world today, are committing to goals of reaching net zero by the middle of the century. This issue with the majority of these companies is that the focus isn’t on reaching net-zero, but instead offsetting their carbon footprint. It is one thing to truly…

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M&V Reinvented


Vutility enables data across every industry. From consumption monitoring for budget management, to reaching sustainability goals and tracking for peak [...]

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The Best Choice is LoRaWAN


When you’re thinking about building an IoT network for your facility, the choices can seem endless and complex: BTLE, ZigBee, [...]

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HotDrop Power Modes


The HotDrops are normally powered by the circuits that they are monitoring. This is done by inductively harvesting the electromagnetic [...]

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