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Building Management

Understanding the energy usage in a building can be cumbersome. With Vutility, you can get access to real-time data about consumption and find ways to reduce or improve. Align your infrastructure with our IoT devices to gain in-depth data on your energy usage.


The HotDrop is a state-of-the-art sub-meter solution that allows you to scale easily. The HotDrop is inexpensive, installed quickly and gives you access to granular data efficiently. Whether you’re looking to monitor a few key circuits or you want to have better insights to an entire building, the HotDrop is the solution.

Machine Monitoring

Understanding each piece of equipment at a minute-by-minute level allows you to discover inefficiencies, define improvements and manage critical assets easier. Enhance your understanding of machine performance by analyzing the granular data of its usage.

Understand Your Infrastructure Better

Managing one or multiple facilities can be a daunting task. With Vutility, streamline your efforts and see all of your energy usage in real-time.

Asset Monitoring

Understand the performance of critical machinery and infrastructure with Vutility.

Utility Agnostic

Don’t worry about existing infrastructure. The HotDrop works inside any system so you can monitor every circuit you want without the hassle.

Power Usage

Gain a better sense of your electricity usage through the HotDrop. Monitor usage in real-time and make insightful decisions to make an impact.

Multi-Location Visibility

If you’re managing several locations, the HotDrop is a great solution with a quick, simple install. The HotDrop allows you to gain the same actionable data from different sites all over the world. Compare and contrast the performance of each location regardless of the existing infrastructure.

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