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Drive data…
from any dry pulse meter.

The PulseDrop by Vutility gives you even more flexibility as you redefine how you look at utility usage. Battery powered, simple-to-install, connects to any dry contact pulse meter and transmits the data via LoRaWAN.

From the Meter to Your Screen

Vutility’s PulseDrop reads dry pulse outputs from any meter that provides a dry pulse output. Dry pulse outputs are an industry standard for most electric, water and natural meters around the world. 

The PulseDrop transits the cumulative total number of pulses it has seen. The PulseDrop looks for a voltage interruption generated by the dry pulse. This voltage interruption is then registered by the PulseDrop and the pulse count is recorded. 

The number of pulses counted is collected and archived then transmitted on the interval configured by the customer. The PulseDrop tracks the number of pulses generated in a given time period and the rate of consumption. Vutility measures the cumulative value so that in the event a data transmission is lost the cumulative value is never lost and the rate of consumption between data received can be calculated. 

  • Install in minutes
  • Long-range signal strength
  • Compatible with most meters
  • Non-invasive install
  • Robuust API catalog
  • Granular data
  • Dual-cipher encryption

“A very simplistic solution. The fact that it is battery-operated is even better because we don’t need a licensed electrician. It’s cheaper, scalable and faster to deploy.”

Abhay Ambati
Senior Vice President of Technology Services, Logical Buildings


With a simple two-step installation and a 20-year battery life, you’ll be able to rely on the PulseDrop to provide valuable data on your usage in real-time. The PulseDrop is also water-resistant, rated IP 6-5 and it can withstand temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees celsius.

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