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Articles & Manuals

HotDrop Installation Guide

Install the HotDrop with ease using this installation guide.


Mapping Your Organization

Mapping your organization is helpful as you plan for installation and should be done prior to installation.


About the HotDrop

The HotDrop is an easy-to-scale, simple-to-install metering solution that provides minute-by-minute data to improve energy consumption data …


Service Level Agreement


HotDrop Time to Charge

The Time to Charge graphs demonstrate the amount of time it takes for HotDrops of different sizes …


How LoRaWAN Spreading Factor Impacts Low Power Mode



Meet the HotDrop.

Installed in minutes, the HotDrop provides actionable, insightful energy monitoring.

HotDrop Webinar

The HotDrop provides minute by minute real-time energy data. Learn about the many benefits of our state-of-the-art solution for energy monitoring and submetering in any facility.

About Vutility

Get insight into Vutility and what makes us so unique as a company.