Utah Based Vutility Wins 2021 Frost & Sullivan IoT Energy Monitoring Award


Highly Accurate and Cost-Effective Energy Monitoring Drives Corporate Sustainability

SANDY, Utah, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vutility, Inc. (vutility.com) has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan, a global leader in technology market research, with the 2021 Customer Value Leadership Award in the category of North American IoT Energy Monitoring Solutions for Building Management for its disruptive, IoT-based offerings.  Similar to how fitness devices help motivate personal activity by monitoring the roadmap to optimum health, by utilizing Vutility’s HotDrop (for electrical) and PulseDrop (for gas and water) solutions, organizations can access scalable, and cost-effective real-time energy data to drive their efficiency and sustainability goals.

“Vutility is disrupting the status quo of energy efficiency and sustainability with scalable, circuit-level, real-time energy data at an unprecedented value,” said Joel Berntsen, Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships at Vutility.

A key feature of both Vutility solutions is their instant and effortless installation. Their non-intrusive, plug-and-play design ensures that they can be installed to start relaying data from assets in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, these solutions are ideal for multi-utility tracking, like electricity, gas, and water. Access to timely, granular energy data at the circuit and equipment level is essential to understanding what drives carbon footprints.

“The flexibility and scalability of Vutility’s sub-metering solutions display the company’s commitment to enhancing customer experience and helping them achieve their sustainability goals. Along with powerful performance and convenient features, Vutility guarantees the best value for money for its customers,” said Kiravani E, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The total cost of ownership for HotDrops and PulseDrops are up to 90% lower than that of competing metering and intrusive monitoring devices available in the market.”

Vutility’s products help motivated companies and teams identify more actionable data on energy usage, peak demand management, and inefficiencies in industrial equipment or manufacturing processes. With real-time access to scalable, circuit-level data, companies can identify opportunities to proactively reduce and manage their energy consumption, thereby reducing their dependence on procuring renewables and offsets to meet their “net zero” carbon footprint sustainability efforts.

The unique selling point for HotDrop, the company’s flagship product, is its ability to provide a facility’s real-time, highly accurate, circuit-level energy data. The compact and easy-to-install HotDrop creates opportunities for increased infrastructure coverage, not found with existing metering options. Fact: more than a hundred Vutility sub-metering devices can be installed in the same amount of time it takes to install ONE traditional metering solution.

“HotDrop makes data measurements and transmission frequency over-the-air configurable to optimize and produce more efficient and better resolution data unmatched in the market,” said Michael Austin, Vutility’s Chief Technology Officer. “Vutility’s products consume less power and provide a better range in remote or weak-signal locations, penetrating through concrete and steel and out of electrical distribution panels, often considered “Faraday cages” for other radio protocols. With just a handful of SKUs, HotDrops can effectively monitor loads ranging from 1 to 4,000 amps.”

Real Life Application: Vutility proves to be the most cost-efficient solution available in the market with the low-cost hardware and optimally priced cloud-based monitoring services. A case in point is the recent deployment of HotDrop for sub-metering in a hospital facility managed by a leading global healthcare provider. The HotDrops identified imbalanced phases that were causing additional utility demand charges in excess of $100,000 annually.  

Similarly, Vutility’s PulseDrop solution was designed to provide real-time reporting from existing water, gas, or electric metering infrastructure by tracking and recording the dry pulse output of an existing meter. By deploying PulseDrop, companies can monitor and detect anomalies in their critical assets, identify usage patterns, more effectively respond to peak demand events and view consumption in real-time. 

To download a copy of the Vutility’s Best Practices Award from Frost & Sullivan, please visit forms.vutility.co/frost-sullivan-report

About Vutility, Inc.
Vutility was founded in 2016 with a vision to change the way the world works through data that matters. With our proprietary IoT sensors and data services, we provide scalable, cost-effective real-time visibility into energy and utility usage, enabling leading global organizations to deliver innovative and disruptive building and energy management solutions. Our go-to-market strategy is B2B2B through partners who are leading providers of energy and building management services across a wide variety of industries, including energy efficiency, measure and verify (M&V) audits, demand response (DR), sustainability, building automation, critical equipment monitoring and optimization and more. Key commercial partners include Engie, Chevron, Constellation (Exelon), MachineQ, and Logical Buildings.

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